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My Story

 Hello, my name is Mark Seevers; I'm a Certified Elite Life Coach.


Growing up, I was told what I could and couldn't accomplish by parents, friends, and teachers.

I spent time in special education classes and wasn't allowed to participate in certain school activities because of my grades.  Years later, I was diagnosed with dyslexia that made reading and comprehension very hard for me growing up.   Later in life, I found myself working as a cook at a truck stop and homeless.  It was at this point in my life that I had to make a decision. I needed to become who I saw myself and not how everyone else saw me. It became a  life-changing event.  Thanks to a great friend and coach, I found my passion, and today, I live a very successful life.  


I've been coaching for years as a karate, gun, and surgery tech coach.

Now, as a Certified Life Coach, I'm helping others find their passion.



My certification did not come from watching a video for a couple of hours.  I spent one year earning my certification as an Elite Coach. 

Today, I coach fun, successful people who feel there is more out there to achieve and need a little help getting there.


"There's more to you then what people say"

Mark Seevers

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“Helping fun successful people find clarity on new goals and dreams” 

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