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Are Your Thoughts Damaging

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Not sure just how damaging your thoughts are?

How might you feel if the police knocked on your door, won't tell you why they are there, and demand you answer questions while attached to a lie detector machine?

Let's think about the lie detector and how it can read us.

They demonstrate how your thoughts directly affect your blood pressure, muscle tension, temperature, breathing rate, heart rate even the sweat on the hands, all caused by your thoughts.

What are some of the effects of negative thoughts?

1) Muscles in your body become weak

2) Stress level goes up

3) Can experience digestive and physical symptoms.

According to Women's magazine, negative people have a shorter life span, many not making it past 65 years of age! I hope this is not you. But if it is, there is still time to make a change in your thinking and life!

I love life and people. That means I love you, and I want to help you reach your golden years with happiness and love.

If you know you're a negative person, let me help you find peace with yourself and build a better life. It worked for me; it can work for you.

Please leave me a comment below telling me how this reading has impacted you. Did you enjoy this reading?

Thank you,

Mark Seevers

Building A Life Elite Coach

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