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Happy Holiday's or Is IT?

Hello and welcome to the holidays! This is the time that family and friends come together to share their love with one another.

It is the time when we have turkey and so much food that walking to the couch is always a chore.

Then there is Christmas, family buys tons of gifts for each other and fill the space under the tree.

What a wonder time of the year but for many of us this time of the year brings stress, stress of money, “how am I going to buy gifts for my children and/or spouse? I haven’t been working much this year.”

I know this feeling all too well and it took years (sometimes still struggle) to understand that my family and friends will still love me come January with or without gifts.

This time of the year is to celebrate life we have with our children, best friends, spouses, and partners. It is NOT about how much money was spent to keep up with the Jones family. This was a big issue I had for many years. My thought was my family wouldn’t want anything to do with me if I couldn’t buy their love during the holidays.

The good news is that suicide is not high during the holidays. However, depression is and for many this feeling can put us in a very bad place.

This year, let me help you find a better way of dealing with how you’re feeling. Not having money for years always had me down this time of year. Some days I fought hard to get out of bed and go to work.

I don’t want you to struggle with these feelings alone.

Book a 50 minute coaching session with me, and together lets enjoy this time of year

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