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Lemonade Stand

The other day I was walking my dog when a lady passed by me talking on her phone. I heard her say, "I've been there longer, and they still gave her the promotion. I"m looking for another job." and then her voice faded as we both continued on our walks. Later I started thinking about her words and wondered if she quit all things if it doesn't go her way.

We have all heard the phrase, "when given lemons, make lemonade." Now I don't know this lady, and maybe she has done the work and was still not promoted.

I do know that there are people out there who would rather see the lemons rot than do the work to make lemonade.

It's much easier to walk away than take a deeper look at ourselves and find that weakness or lacking ability, then work to change it.

Which one are you? Are you out there with a lemonade stand earning while learning how to make it better? Or are you the person that feels sorry for yourself, so you shut down and blame everyone around you for your failures and mistakes?

Remember that your not a failure; you've just learned a way that doesn't work. Ask yourself what you could have done differently, ask questions, "Boss, can you tell me what I need to work on?" Or "have I been honest about the work I've put in?"

Other people will not do the work for you, nor should you expect them to, so scrub the dirt off the lemons and get to making lemonade.

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