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Strike a Pose!

Last week we talked about naming our negative voice and giving it a body. We discussed why it was essential to separate the voice from ourselves.

I asked you to write down every negative statement the voice said and replace it with a positive one. I hope you did that.

This week I'm going to talk about

"Power Pose"

So strike a pose, and let's get started!

Hello and welcome back.

If it's your first time here, I want to thank you for stopping by. Today we will talk about Power Poses and how they can have a positive effect on our body.

What are power poses, and how can you use them to your benefit?

Think about the first time you ran your first 5k or climbed your first 14er. What did you do when you reached the finish line or arrived at the top of that mountain?

I remember my first half marathon and how I felt crossing the finish line. I put my hands up in the air in victory. We see it many times in sports like track, football, triathlons, bike races; as they cross the finish line, they throw their hands up into the air to celebrate their achievement.

Tell me about a victory that you've had.

Let me know in the comments.

Power poses are positions that make our brains believe we are number one, confident, and/or dominant. It's an expression of taking up space or stretching out. The research on power posing was published by Dr. Amy Cuddy in 2010 at Harvard Business School. Dr.Cuddy found that high-power poses "produce power."

Her study compared subjects in a "power pose" and others who exhibited a low profile pose such as arms crossed, looking down, feet crossed at the ankles. These low-power poses can make people feel closed off to their surroundings.

Dr. Cuddy's analysis included over 55 studies and clearly demonstrated a link between expansive postures and feelings of power. (add more about power)

I will give you five power poses. Pick one or two that feels good to you.

1) The President - sitting down, put your feet on the table, lean back with your hands behind your head.

2)The CEO - Place hands behind the head, rest your ankle on a knee, and lean back.

The first two poses offer taking up space by putting hands behind the head. The stretch comes with feet on the table and an ankle on the knee while leaning back.

3) The Performer - A great example is Conor Anthony McGregor. If you don't know who he is; He is a former Ultimate featherweight and lightweight champion. After he wins a fight, he will walk around the ring with his chest puffed out and his arms swing out away from his body.

That is the performer. You're going to puff out the chest and arms, spread out while standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

4) Take it or Leave it - in this position, you will put your hands on the table and lean forward like you're getting into someone's face. You want to make sure your feet are facing the person across from you.

5) Superwoman / Superman - I bet you have this one figured out already. Although Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeves made Wonderwoman and Superman look cool, Dr. Cuddy made the pose famous in her most popular TedTalk. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on your hip with your fingers facing forward, and as an added bonus, throw on a cape!

Pick one or two poses and practice two minutes before going into a meeting or a conference call that you're leading or that job interview that you've been nervous about.

Better yet, make it a habit before work every day. Consider making this a family event. Everyone will benefit from these positive poses.

That is all I have for today; I'd like to hear from you about today's blog. Tell me what you liked or didn't like. If you try the poses and hope you do, let me know if you feel positive energy.

It's time to sign off, I'm Mark Seevers, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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