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Welcome To The New Year 2022

Welcome to the new year!

2022 is going to be a great year for many of us. And for others? Well, it’s going to be just another year.

My plan is to travel, including visiting cousins I’ve only known through Facebook, and vacations with my wife to foreign destination we’ve only dreamed of seeing.

I know many of you are planning on purchasing that gym membership and getting fit this year, or possibly finally using that membership you purchased last year but never used. Others may have financial goals, saving money for that new home or car, or rebuilding that nest egg in case we experience another viral shut down. GOOD FOR YOU! All great ideas.

Once you have set your goals, you can start planning on how best to achieve them. Work out plans of action with smaller and smaller sub-goals until you can arrive at an action plan that you can start working on now. Set smaller goals to start, in 1 week I will…, in 1 month I will… etc.

The problem I see is that most of us want instant gratification. Two weeks of hard work in the gym and no one has commented on how I look? I put $10.00 in my savings every week for the last three months, why isn’t my account growing faster? The next thing you know you’re saying SCREW IT ! I’m not going to waste my time. Before you know it, your gym time has been replaced with that new Netflix series and your favorite chocolate cake. Your bank account that’s supposed to have $1000.00 has been spent on something that gave you instant gratification. Yes, I really needed that toilet bowl light!

Let’s make this year different and discover what can we do together to help meet our goals.

1) Share your goals with others.

When we share our goals, we try harder because we don’t want to fail in front of others.

2) Become humble to yourself.

Don’t let pride be your downfall. Reach out to a like-minded person with the same goal and ask for accountability. When we know that someone is counting on us, we have a 78% higher success rate of reaching our goals then if we try to do it on our own.

3) Bi-weekly check on your progress.

Are you on track with money going into your savings account? Did you and your accountability partner meet as planned?

If the answer is yes, then keep moving forward, but if the answer is no, then ask yourself some questions:

A) What set me back last week and what is within my power to get back on track for next week?

B) Have you been checking in on your progress or did a week slip by?

C) If something came up that set you back, tell yourself that’s okay. Regroup and adjust your goal to meet the new plan. Don’t let your negative voice talk you out of reaching for that grand prize.

I have many things I want to do this year and I will sit down with my accountability partner AKA my beautiful wife and together we will accomplish our goals and dreams for 2022.

Share with me your goals and dreams for this year, I would love to hear about them and your plans to achieve them.

Happy New Year!

Mark Seevers

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